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Ultimate General: Civil War v0

Ultimate General: Civil War v0


Title: Ultimate General Civil Var

Genre: Pop, simulation, strategy, early access

Developer: Game Labs

Publisher: Game Labs

Release Date: November 16, 2016

About this game

Ultimate General: War is a tactical war game. Experience the bloodiest period of history – the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.


The whole campaign: American Civil War battle in the campaign, and intends to fight a small battle in a izloženostimasivne 50+. A few days hundreds of square kilometerscampaign can take place depends entirely on the player’s action combat emaitzak.iraganeko battles can be played separately.

Early Access release contains the following campaign battles:

Battle Creek akui of

Battle Philip

1. Battle of Bull Run

Battle of Shiloh

Battle of Gaines’ Mill

Battle of Malvern Hill

2. Battle of Bull Run

Battle of Antietam

+ 10 manjiObaveze bakoitzerakoorri differently

Fight to the end of the game in a few months istVon:

Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Stones River

Battle of Chancellorsville

Battleof Gettisburg

Battle of Chickamauga

Battle of Cold Harbor

Battle of Richmond

Battle Washington

+ 13 the obligations of each of the different gutxiagoalbo

Army Management: You’re a general. Composition of his fame and success vojske.Na multiple corps, division and brigade you need to control access to the base completely. Keep your soldiers alive and better, drehenVon green newcomers veterans learn to fight. galtzenZure many soldiers and reinforcements are not enough to achieve victory. your reputationsuffer, army morale will fall and you will be forced to resign.

Team innovative: You decide which level you want to control. komandapojedinačno, the main unit or by pressing only a batabotoi to, and see if you can mount. Army division commanders around him to help make decisions and control the largest armies. Pull the defense and dissenting brigade will defend like a lion. Just a deep flanking maneuver or an arrow to send an army of the enemy side marraztuetaor rewind. GENERALIĆ try to fulfill their tasks, even if no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Officer progression: Historical Unit commander fighters to progress and be a better player. Officers were ranked onOinarritutako record with his performance, but an act of war and may be injured or even killed. NeuRangiert new opportunities and allows officers to make larger units without losing effectiveness. Vinning bitkeotvaraju new opportunitiesAs for you, how to handitzeahala capacity analysis or as political influence.

Historical Weapons: There is a huge variety of Civil War weapons of mass Whitworth samples is rare in Enfield rifles. Availability historic and implemented. Certain weapons can be caught only enemy attacks or kendugudu.

VerbessertEinheitssteuerung: skirmishers as possible to send them to keep the law in these mountains. Or join several brigades larger department, if necessary.Undo the cavalry will be less visible to the enemy, or side ematekoRoundups provides a fast and cost. Deliveries are very important and must be respected and defended the plan, otherwise the struggle to complete the formation.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence: you will meet a strong enemy. BB is ioubok, won their weaknesses and rise to defend, will chase and reduce its delivery and horigordetako will try to destroy the artillery batteries. AU and covers land use andIf retirement overwhelmed.

Land Affairs: trenches, lines, fences, houses and fields if you want to use, can help to achieve victory ,. Dizuunitateak earlier peaks to see the enemy. Mostovipostaju rivers and natural obstacles, to help defend. Forests to hide their movements and can help the enemy side.

Beautiful cards: the modern technology that allows var hardcore games is believed to be brown, green witches dugu.Hardcore finally ceases, deepwar games can be good. In our game, the accuracy of each landscape of historic battles and hand-drawn maps and satellites used for historical data. Ogromanstrateška topography plays and how they learned to fight on the battlefield and helps to understand the history.

System Requirements


eragileaSistema: 7-32 bit Windows

Processor: Intel i3

Memory: 2GB RAM

Graphics: 512MB VRAM minimum 1366k768 resolution, Intel GMA 4000Und higher, Radeon 8800 and higher, Intel Ks1600


Storage: 2 GB of free space

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